IKEA Furniture delivery service in german switzerland:

IKEA Delivery

We deliver Ikea furniture from the IKEA depot to anywhere in switzerland.

We’re cheaper than Ikea himself for furniture delivery in the german-switzerland area.

And we deliver same day – at a time that you choose.

No need to arrange time off work to wait for a delivery.

Planning a trip to IKEA?

Order delivery with us and tell us what day you’re going shopping.

Shop in Ikea for your flatpack furniture.

When you’re at the checkout, text us and we’ll have a van waiting to pick up your furniture and deliver to your home or office.

Need to get rid of your old furniture?

Let us know when you place your order and we can quote you for taking that away too.

Want to pass your old wardrobe on to someone else?

Give us the address and we’ll drop it off for ya.

We drive to: