Canton Solothurn: Household Removals Service, international movers, moving home company

ASTRA House removals provides a safe and secure environment for relocation of homes of any sizes across switzerland.

With branch locations across german switzerland, we can move almost anything from Zürich to city Lausanne and from Solothurn to Luzern.

Our experts in the industry will take care of your entire moving requirements and guide you step by step to ensure that all your household items are properly packaged and safely transferred across to you new home.

Our international moving services extend to the whole of Europe.

ASTRA House removals can also help you with packing materials in case your relocation requirement is too small and you don’t need a professional service to take care of it.

Feel free to browse our site at ASTRA House removals and select the materials that you need.

We serve you in / from:

canton Solothurn: Obach SO, Badi SO, Brühl SO, Stadion SO, Segetz SO, Wildbach SO, Weststadt SO, Touring, Dilitsch, Hermesbühl SO, Heidenhubel, Altstadt SO, Loreto, Greiben SO, Dürrbach SO, Ziegelmatte SO, Steingrube West SO, Steingrube, Ost SO, Fegetz, Hubelmatte SO, Steinbrugg, Forst SO, Schützenmatte SO, Vorstadt SO, Schöngrün SO, Olten SO, Grenchen SO, Zuchwil SO, Biberist SO, Trimbach SO, Dornach SO, Derendingen SO, Balsthal SO, Oensingen SO, Bellach SO,