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We know that every move is as individual as you are.

Whether you’re moving to a new house across town, relocating to the other end of the country or even moving abroad, you can rely on ASTRA professional and dedicated team to take care of every aspect of your move.

We’ve handled house moves for over three decades so we know how stressful moving house can be.

From your survey, throughout the planning process and right through to the move itself, our professionally trained team will be there to ensure that the whole of your move runs without a hitch.

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Canton Luzern: Adligenswil Luzern Aesch Hochdorf Alberswil Willisau Altbüron Willisau Altishofen Willisau Altwis Hochdorf Ballwil Hochdorf Beromünster Sursee Buchrain Büron Sursee Buttisholz Sursee Dagmersellen Willisau Dierikon Doppleschwand Entlebuch Ebersecken Ebikon Luzern Egolzwil Willisau Eich Sursee Emmen Hochdorf Entlebuch Entlebuch Ermensee Hochdorf Eschenbach Hochdorf Escholzmatt Entlebuch Ettiswil illisau Fischbach Willisau Flühli Entlebuch Gettnau Willisau Geuensee Sursee Gisikon Luzern Greppen Grossdietwil Grosswangen Sursee Hasle Entlebuch Hergiswil bei Willisau Hildisrieden Hitzkirch Hochdorf Hochdorf Hochdorf Hohenrain Hochdorf Honau Horw Inwil Hochdorf Knutwil Kriens Luthern Malters Marbach Entlebuch Mauensee Sursee Meggen Meierskappel Menznau Nebikon Willisau Neudorf Neuenkirch Nottwil Oberkirch Sursee Ohmstal Willisau Pfaffnau Pfeffikon Rain Hochdorf Reiden Rickenbach Roggliswil Römerswil Hochdorf Romoos Entlebuch Root Rothenburg Hochdorf Ruswil Schenkon Schlierbach Schongau Hochdorf Schötz Schüpfheim Entlebuch Schwarzenberg Sempach Sursee